Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Great Grandfather Jung

This is Grandmother and Doris and Ruth's father. His mother and father moved to America from the Bavern/Bavaria areas. He was born after they got here but he had brothers/sisters born before they got here too. They moved to Columbia Pa and were hosted by a town church. Grandmother, Doris, Lois, JW and I went up there and found their home and took pics from the outside and had a tour of the church by the then pastor. Grandmother sent him a thank you.. Actually two homes in the time they lived there. Family records show meat butchers... they had people living with them that  helped with house and children ...I forget what you call them who work for you for a certain amount of time then go off on their own. Thank you son-in-law: indentured servant! I will add the house pics and church pic to this post as I come to them .

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